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Denis Duhamel
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MEC572 Acoustics and sound environment

This course is devoted to acoustics in air, in the audible range. In the introductory lectures, basic concepts on the propagation and generation of sound sources are presented, within the general framework of linear acoustics.
The rest of the course (2/3) is devoted to one application: ducts and acoustical filters (vocal tract, musical instruments, active noise control, mufflers, underground ducts), acoustics of rooms (automobiles, concert halls, ...), psychoacoustics (space perception, binaural perception, ...), acoustical structures and absorbing materials, simulation of acoustical environments, propagation in complex media (urban acoustics, noise barriers).

Numerus clausus:14

Requirements : Knowledge acquired in one of the second year courses MEC430, MEC431, MEC 432 or MEC 434 is sufficient for being able to follow this course.

Evaluation mechanism : Written and oral reports of the project at the end of the course.

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